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UGM Internship

As I am nearing the end of my time in Spokane and as a marketing intern for the Union Gospel Mission, I can’t help but reflect on my time spent in the community.

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I have been part of the Spokane community for 4 years. During this time, I have seen people in the community struggling, from the multiple families living in one house next door to mine to the homeless on the street.

Spokane, has definitely had an impact on me, one of the most notable through my internship with UGM.  During my time at the Mission, I got to put my skills to use through the work I did for the Hunger Run. Being a part of the Hunger Run team was a great experience. Not only did I get to utilize some of my skills that I have learned from my courses at Gonzaga, but I also got to refine and reshape skills I already had and learn about the amazing way that UGM impacts the Spokane community.

The Mission’s impact is huge. Not only does UGM serve as a rescue center, giving lodging and food to those in immediate need, but it also serves as a recovery center to help individuals who are struggling with addiction get back on their feet. The Mission also receives bulk food from donations and sponsors. The food that they can’t use, they give to other small food banks and churches that are in need.

UGM serves 339,518 meals a year, that’s 930 meals a day, and UGM is just one of many giving food to those in need in our community.

I had no idea when I started my internship that the Spokane community is so hungry — and not just for food. The Hunger Run was a good cause because it not only raised money for those in need of food, but also let others in the community recognize that their neighbors are struggling.

The greatest lesson that I learned from my time at UGM is that our community matters, how we treat and look at people matters. Banding together to support a struggling mother, a person down on their luck or someone in need of love makes our community stronger and gives us hope.

I am sad that my time interning at the Mission is coming to an end. I have enjoyed coming in every Monday. The people I work with are intelligent, nice, and truly care about the work they do in order to help make our community a little stronger.



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