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Registration = Meals for the Hungry

Meet Andrew, part of a working family who is facing the rising costs of living.

Andrew and his family visit Mobile Markets to help put food on the table when money gets tight. The father of three used to work construction until he was injured on a job. Now he stays home with his three children while his wife works full time, but sometimes they still can’t make ends meet.

“Society puts a big stigma on reaching out for help, especially as the man of the house. It can make you feel like you failed your family, like you’re not good enough or you’re not doing enough,” he said.

Andrew said the fresh fruits and vegetables available at Second Harvest were especially helpful to him and his family.

“When you get to a place financially where you have to make those extra dollars stretch, if you can only afford to buy things like top ramen for every meal, it’s not helpful for them. I’m also a type 1 diabetic. Not having the right food to eat is incredibly unhealthy for me.

“To be able to go to Second Harvest and have access to fruits and vegetables and bread – the kind of things we wouldn’t be able to afford makes a huge difference for our family. It takes a lot of stress off of us. Those extra dollars really matter.”

In our community, 1 in 8 adults, including 1 in 5 children, struggle with hunger.

Your participation in The Hunger Run will help families like Andrew’s get enough to eat.

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