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Hunger Run Provides Meals for Nancy and Ashley

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Hunger Run Provides Meals for Nancy and Ashley


Thanks to presenting sponsors, Safeway Albertsons, your Hunger Run registration will provide more than 70 meals to people in our community like Nancy and Ashley.


Nancy lives at Lilac Plaza, a senior housing complex. Because she’s lucky enough to have a car, she brings neighbors with her to Serve Spokane.  “Otherwise they can’t come,” she said. There’s a lot of need in the complex, she said, and many seniors are silently struggling. Food pantries like this one are often the reason Nancy and her husband don’t go hungry.

“It really helps me a lot. We’re on Social Security and we don’t have much extra. I do get food stamps – $15 a month,” she said. Most of their money goes to medical and health expenses and payments on their car. “My husband has to go see specialists and that eats up a lot of our cash.”



It’s Ashley’s first time at a Mobile Market – her daughter is a student at Spokane Guilds’ School. Her daughter’s medical issues prevent her from working full-time, and health costs eat up most of the family’s budget. She hopes the food she received today will help feed herself, her daughter and her son through the rest of the month.

You can help people like Ashley and her family eat a healthy meal. Register for the Hunger Run today and help put a meal on the table for someone in need.

A registration for the Hunger Run equals 70 meals for a child, senior or family who needs it most.

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