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Safeway/Albertsons Passionate about Hunger Relief

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Safeway/Albertsons Passionate about Hunger Relief

When Union Gospel Mission Inland Northwest and Second Harvest decided to launch the Hunger Run, we immediately thought of Safeway/Albertsons as a potential corporate sponsor. We knew the grocery store chain was passionate about addressing food insecurity and making a positive impact in the community, and boy, have they come through!

Safeway/Albertsons employees show up in their fluorescent green shirts with big Safeway/Albertsons logos on the back, occasionally sporting tutus, as well.

In a brief interview, John DeAngelo, Operations Specialist Sr. Division Management, recently gave us the backstory on that enthusiasm.

“The Hunger Run is a great way to give back to the community I love.  UGM, Second Harvest and Safeway/Albertsons make it very easy to get involved in a variety of different ways.  Once you volunteer and get to see the direct impact it has on the community, it makes you feel like you have a small part in making a difference for the better in our community.”

John has participated in the run each year, running the first year and walking the second.  This year John plans to run again. His family participates, as well, and they love to compete for house bragging rights.

“Unfortunately, I have the current title of being the slowest runner in the house.  My wife and son love to remind me of this throughout the year.” [Not this year, John! We’re rooting for you!]

“I have been fighting through all the nagging aches and pains of training for the 5k.  It’s not as easy as it was when I was in my twenties but I am hanging in there.”

Beyond the fun and exercise benefit, John believes strongly in the cause.

“Hunger has drastic effects on the brain. A lack of nutrients, vitamins, proteins can affect an individual’s ability to read, concentrate, memorize, and even speak.  Hunger relief gives the less fortunate in our community a greater chance to study and learn to develop skills to better their current situation for themselves and or their families.”

Whether John is preparing for or recovering from the race, he says BBQ pork from Safeway/Albertsons is his favorite energy snack. “A great, quick pick-me-up!”

John, along with UGM and Second Harvest, is hoping for a great turnout this year.

“The Hunger Run is a great event that makes it possible to enjoy some exercise with family, friends, and co-workers while helping raise awareness about hunger in our community.  It is a win-win for everyone involved.”

Help us thank Safeway/Albertsons for their sponsorship of the Hunger Run. Do your weekly shopping at one of their local stores and be sure to tell them the Hunger Run team sent you!

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